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Exciting News!

I had the pleasure of vacationing in Italy/Greece aboard the Dave Koz 2013 Jazz cruise. I entered the "So You Think You Can Jam" contest and came in 1st place out of 35 contestants. I had the best time ever jamming on stage with Oli Silk / U. K. Collective, Peter White, Vincent Ingala, Arthur Thompson, Gerald Albright and Mindi Abair and many others! Chuck Mangione's manager Jim Gosnell, Dave Koz, Mindi Abair and comedian Ralph Harris were the judges. Their comments on the finale performance covering Stevie Wonders "I Wish" -


Ralph Harris:

"Bill it was amazing. I got up. I was the 1st one to dance. Stevie Wonder, you can't go wrong. Wasn't that you on the bridge the other night with the crew? You're already amazing man, you're already amazing! One more hand for Bill, y'all."


Dave Koz:

"I couldn't help myself either. I had to get up and dance as well. Bill, great tone on the flugelhorn. Great song selection. I love the moves. You have the total package. You look cool in the hat and the shades. Color coordinated. Even Ralph Harris can't say anything about your outfit tonight. Bravo. I loved it. It was awesome!"


Mindi Abair:

"I have to say you walked out with that horn and I thought, oh, that's a pretty, pretty killer horn. That thing is a work of art. Look at that. I figured you had to have something behind that. You walked out and just owned the place! So yeah, you look the part, you got the hat. you had the moves. I don't know. What are you doing for the next couple of months? I got a tour. What I need is some flugelhorn. Is that cool? You call me."


Chuck Mangione's Manager - Jim Gosnell:

"Great selection of songs. I represent Chuck Mangione. You would make him very proud. What a great job!"




Be sure to check out photos from the contest in the Gallery!


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